Mango Leaf Design Aari Blouse

Mango Leaf Design Aari Blouse

Flower Leaf Design Aari Blouse

Flower Leaf Design Aari Blouse

Mango Leaf Design Aari Blouse

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Aari Blouse:


Origin of Aari: The origin of Aari can be traced to the 12th century. The needle technique origins from the mocha community who use this type of needle to stitch intricate platforms on leather footwear. In later years, with the patronage of the reigning Mughals emperors, the craftsmen transmitted to embroidering the finest silks and cottons.


Making of Aari: Aari Blouse is a type of embroidery work that is done by stretching the fabric tightly over a wooden frame. A pen like needle that resembles  crochet needle is used to do the intrinsic Aari work. Aari work is popular for it’s fine and delicate thread work. Aari work consists of beads, stones, golden and silver threads which gives royal richness to the design. Aari work is known for its elegant thread work that enhances the beauty of good hand embroidery.


Places known for Aari: With time the work has spreader to places like Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and other places who added their touch of traditional design and recognised the speciality of work. Sliding from the families of the ruling kings and queens, today the craft can be seen on any teenagers cap or top, according to the trend and fashions. Srikalahasthi a holy town in Andhra Pradesh also locates the richness of Aari work. This small institutes of artisans are recognised by the government of India and also being supported for making their products.


Product Description:


Country of Origin: India


Fabric – Silk




Craft Type:


Materials used – Stones, Beads, Golden Threads, Silver Threads and Colour Threads


Style: Ethnic, Traditional, Bridal/ Wedding, Party wear


Wash Care: Dry Wash/ Dry Clean only


Texture: Soft material with Heavy Work on it


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